Building Bigger Shoulders from Home

Building Shoulder Muscles to Increase Your Bench Press

As opposed to many weight lifters who tend to overlook their shoulders, we know the shoulders play an integral part in targeted bench press activity. It is fairly simple to understand that if you aren’t getting the best out of your shoulders, you are not utilising your full potential on the bench. Aside from the fact that you will not be training to your full potential, there is also a heightened risk of shoulder injury if you do too much with weak shoulders. The whole idea of what you learn today, is for you to see how to build your shoulder muscles, to achieve maximum bench press potential.

Do you know what deltoid head would be considered the most important when you want to increase your bench pressing capability?

You may have already guessed or known the answer. It is of course the anterior deltoid, sometimes referred to as the front shoulder head, that is responsible for the "pushing" motion.

Does the weight in an eccentric movement need to be controlled?

This is when you will see and feel the posterior deltoid kick into action. A strong rear shoulder head allows for better control and results when bringing the bar down towards the chest. As well there is the mid deltoid, known as the middle shoulder head, and is the main abductor right at the joint of the shoulder. By training this region you are building support and strength for the anterior and posterior deltoids at the same time.

So how do you start building your front shoulder muscles so you can increase the bench press weight?

There are actually quite a lot of shoulder workouts to take care of your front deltoid. Some would be:

• Raising your dumbbell in front of you
• Front barbell raises

Helping control weight - build shoulder muscles

Next up we tackle the anterior deltoid muscle, and we do that with the following exercises:

• Bent over laterals for the dumbbell

Over time there have been a number of variations to thins exercise. One of them means you do the routine standing up, another requires that you sit on the chair or step edge, and yet another has you up against a wall.

In order to strengthen your rear and front shoulder muscles, you are going to need to strengthen your mid shoulder muscles.

A good mid deltoid exercise will actually all three regions of the shoulder. A great way to train this area is by applying the following exercise:

• The Military Press

The information here has shown you how to build shoulder muscles so that you can comfortably increase your bench press. By strengthening those deltoids to obtain a real power boost, total control and lower risk of injury.

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