Rear Shoulder Workout

It is very important to remember to include your rear deltoid exercises along with your usual shoulder exercise routine. This is crucial so that you are able to build a proportionate and solid upper body, but they also play a huge role in the lifting exercises like bench press, and also squats. The general consensus is that there are basically three types of people when training shoulders is concerned. 
1. The ones that prefer to train arms, and NOT shoulders.2. The people who train their shoulders and yet don't know about the impact of using different angles.3. Those who do everything the right way.
The difference between the second and third group is simple…..the third group actually performs rear deltoid exercises. This area is commonly known as the most neglected in the shoulder routine. The rear deltoid muscle is also known as the posterior deltoid, and it is reponsible for increasing the amount of litting power when you are doing bench press, or squats. 
Your rear deltoid muscle group is relatively small in comparison to others, and should be performed at a rate of three to five sets within your shoulder routine. 
Here are Some Rear Deltoid Exercises
The “seated bent over  lateral raise” and “bent over lateral raise” are the two most used exercises for these muslces. There is only one significent difference between the two, and that is the seated variety will require a bench to sit on. 
The Bent Over Lateral Raises – Taking hold of your dumbbells, make sure to bend over at your waist, keeping your feet at shoulder width apart. To prevent any stress in the lower back, keep your knees slightly bent.  Hold your dumbbells in front of you, making sure that your palms are facing each other, keeping a tight bend to your elbows. Raise your dumbbells in a semi-circular motion, using your upper back. When you have lifted the dumbbells, hold them in that position for two seconds. Repeat the exercise.
The Seated Bent Over Lateral Raises – Although for this exercise you will be seated on your bench with your feet firmly in front of you, but the exercise is the same as for the first version.  There is no reason why you should not be able to use the same weight that you lifted the first time. 
These rear deltoid exercises are necessary and effective, as well as being very simple to perform.

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