Workouts for a Sharp Six Pack

Enjoying a visible six-pack is something that comes largely from diet, as well as some dedicated exercises for abs. However, you may already be very lean, and if this is the case, you might enjoy the results of the three simple exercises detailed below. 
Enjoying a natural slim look, a good diet and plenty of exercise, is what keeps some people looking lean, without the need to focus all efforts on abdominal exercises. A recognized author and expert on the subject, Mr Rusty Moore, produced a book called "Abs Blueprint" which is a great guide on what is best for your abdominal region. 
Initially this book was available as a free download, and still maybe on some sites. It is an insight into the specific details for gaining control over your abdominal region, from an expert. In fact this book is so good that some people are reporting great results after only a few weeks of following one routine. This is one of the reasons that it was decided to share this information with anyone who was keen to learn the best exercises for abs. The following three workouts for developing your six pack, have been favorites for some time, and many body builders use them regularly.
Lets just cover one thing before we get into the details of these three exercises for abs. The people you see all through the magazines, all muscled up and toned, are following a strict exercise program and diet, doing so right up until the photo shoot. As well as this, they are sometimes digitally enhanced, and subject to professional lighting. Many of these people are lucky enough to have a two-digit body fat reading all year round, so don't feel bad that you don't, just work the way they do, to achieve it. 
Best Three Exercises for Abs
1. Renegade Rows for AbsThis is an exercise that deals with the strengthening of a lot of muscle groups, including your chest and shoulders, as well as tightening your waist. Renegade rows will also make the spine far more resistant to an injury.
2. Planks ExercisesThe idea of planks is that they keep your abs contracted when the spine is straight. If you have a back injury, this exercise will work just as well for you. In order to contract the obliques, this exercise can also be performed in a side on position. If you are wanting your abs to be well defined, even when you are lying around the house, this is the exercise that will do it for you.
3. The Hanging Leg RaisesRusty Moore describes these as the holy grail of all exercises, and many others tend to agree. As not all people can manage the full extent of the hanging leg raises, a simpler technique like slightly bending the knee, or completing them lying down is also an option.
By including these exercises for abs into your regular workout, you are sure to notice great results in no time at all. 

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