1 Secret to Bigger Biceps

There is every chance that when you hear the words "best bicep exercises" you are imagining variations of the typical concentrated curls. Although the general understanding is to isolate the biceps when building large arms, there is also a need to consider compound exercises that not only target the arms, but other muscles also. This may lead you to ask why you would need to target other muscles if I want to build my biceps.
The answer to that question is really quite simple. Muscle can only be built by breaking down more muscle. Muscle fibers need to be broken down from other muscle groups, in order to then build bigger bicep muscles.  The thing is that the biceps are one of the smaller of the muscle groups, meaning not a lot of fiber can be broken down by isolating the bicep muscles alone. This is the reason for preferring the heavier compound workouts that call on other mother groups to also break down their fibers through a workout. 
Why compound workouts end up being the very best bicep exercises, is explained below.
When you perform your heavier compound lift, it will activate your biceps and also recruit more muscle fibers from other groups. When you are activating the biceps through compound exercise you need to work them hard, like five to ten reps in each of four or five sets. When your biceps have been activated by utilizing the available muscle fibers, you could look to some more isolated exercises such as bicep curls, because the muscle fibers will remain active. What is actually happening here is you are tricking your body into thinking the weight you are lifting, is actually heavier than it really is. 
I Don't Buy This Best Bicep Exercises Thing!
Many weight lifters have been known to use this same approach, so you know it is reputable. In all honesty, you may even be already using this approach without knowing it. You may actually be performing split routines, where you start with your back exercises and then tackle your biceps. This is the same thing; you have targeted the larger group of muscles (in the back), which will use the secondary group (biceps), then you follow that up with the isolated bicep workout. 
Which are the best bicep exercises?
The very best bicep exercises would be the compound lifts which target multiple muscle groups, the biceps being one of those.
Pull UpsChin UpsBent Over Rows
In Conclusion
Starting out with a workout listed above is the recommended approach if you are not working your back before your biceps. Recruiting large amounts of muscle fibers is what these compound lifts do, and this is how you will get a much better workout. 

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