Muscle Building Diet for Skinny Guys

 Hardgainer Diet Plan Rule #1 - Inadequate Food Consumption


If you’re anything like me, you’re going to say “I definitely eat enough”. That was probably my main mistake, I simply assumed I ate enough because I consumed about the same or a little more than the people around me who all gained weight and packed on muscle. Problem was, they weren’t hardgainers…and I was. If you take the ideal calorie consumption for the average person of your gender and age. and double this intake requirement, that is a hardgainer diet plan.  This is due to the naturally lightning fast metabolism we were “blessed” with. Consuming twelve times the average body weight is what it takes for the average man or woman to increase muscle mass. On the other hand hardgainers require double that.


Zero Physical Activity - Body weight (x) 18-20


Only Light Physical Activity - Body weight (x) 20-22


Heavier Physical Activity - Body weight (x) 22-24


Hardgainer Diet Plan Rule #2 - Ensuring You Get The Right Nutrients


Unlike other somatotypes, an ecto-morphs diet should consist of 40-50 percent carbohydrates. A complex form of these carbs should come from grains, and wheat. However, higher glycemic carbs are extremely beneficial following our workout routine.


Here is an example: 135 lbs x 20 = 2,700 Calories per day


2700 x .45 (required percentage of carbs) = 1215 Calories from Carbs


Successfully Convert Your Carbohydrates into Grams:


1 Carb Calorie = 4 Grams


1215 / 4 =303.75 Grams of Carbohydrates per day


Hardgainer Diet Plan Rule #3 - Rest is So Important


Contrary to common understanding, muscle mass is built while we rest, not when we are actively exercising, as some people think. The problem I had was that when I didn’t see results, I assumed that I wasn’t working out hard or long enough. Getting wrapped up in this thought would be enough for some to focus on increasing the amount of gym time, at the expense of family or other quality time. Little did I know, I was making matters worse. Applying more exercise and spending more time at the gym, could overwork your body, allowing your muscle mass to decrease, and your energy levels could be low. Spending less time at the gym, means you can spend more time relaxing and resting, creating muscle mass as you do. If you can spend an hour a day, on four occasions each week, devoted to your goals, you should be able to see the results very quickly.


Following the proper muscle building diet plan will allow you to pack on 3-5 pounds per week. Make sure you are consuming enough, taking in enough carbohydrates, and resting enough to build new muscle. These hardgainer diet plan rules allowed me to start noticing results almost immediately and I feel confident that they will do the same for you.


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