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A full on muscular look is not really what most women are wanting. They tend to want a more sexy look, toned and proportionate. This has something to do with the fact that women are hardly at the gym doing heavy weight lifting. Building muscle for women, without looking manly, is an issue purely because of the amount of misinformation in the market. Many women mistakenly believe that if they start lifting heavy weights like men do, they will end up looking like those men. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The hormones that we each produce are different, so there is no likelihood that any woman is going to end up looking like a man.

Move onto some heavier weights!

Some women spend time focussed on the toning aspect of their exercise regime, to avoid any chance of muscle bulking.

This is not something that is recommended.

 Building muscle for women is critical in your endeavors to tighten your body through toning. Most women though, seem reluctant to lift heavier weights, in case they start to bulk up. This will not happen as male and female hormones work differently, so there is really no reason for women to avoid lifting heavier weights. Generally women will not build excess muscle, even though they become much stronger, and feel toned. Remember that even men have a tough time building muscle mass, and it is harder for women to achieve this, than it is for men.

Toning your body and getting firmer, requires a heavier weight lifting routine. If you want to start on light weights, that’s cool, but remember to gradually increase the weight you are lifting as you get into your program. You are going to build muscles, only if you can keep them working. They need to feel strained in order to become denser. Improving from session to session is an important factor to consider. Never get complacent, and try to up the anti with your total reps or number of sets increasing from one workout to the next.

Muscle Building for Women - Low Body Fat is So Important

Women can certainly tone their bodies, and they can do it without becoming bulky. However low body fat levels are crucial for you to actually look and feel toned. Although you may be doing wonders on your abs because you are working them hard, the results will not be visible if you have a layer of body fat on your midsection. If you know already that your body fat levels are not low enough to see any great results, you would be recommended to try circuit training as a first port of call.

Muscle Building for Women without Bulking Up

Lifting weights at the gym is not something you should be afraid of, and I hope this information has shown you that. When you find yourself a good weight lifting program, continue to put your muscles under pressure to get the best from it. Make sure also, that your body fat levels are kept low so you can actually see and feel the full results of your exercise.

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