How Many Grams of Carbs Per Day to Build Muscle

How Many Grams of Carbs per Day to Build Muscle for Hardgainers

Contrary to what you may have come to believe, your carb intake is probably more important than your overall protein consumption. If you are questioning the amount of protein you need to build muscle, you should also be considering the total grams of carbs that you will be requiring to achieve your goals. The type of carbohydrates is just as important as the amount you consume, when it comes to creating or breaking muscle down.  You need to have the correct levels and type of carbs in your body, so that it can go about building and retaining muscle.


Building muscle requires how many grams of  carbs per day?

In order to calculate how many grams of carbs per day you need, ascertain your true body weight, and multiply that number by 2.25. This means a person with a body weight of 50 pounds, would need to consume 113 grams of carbs each day.


Complex Carbohydrates

Consuming carbohydrates from a complex source is the next important thing to establish, of course once you have calculated the total carbs you need to eat each day. The reason to make sure of the complex status, is that these are the slow releasing carbs that will provide the energy for your body throughout the day. Things like exhaustion and insulin spikes can be the result of consuming the wrong sorts of carbohydrates. The much needed complex carbs are those found in whole grains, and fresh vegetables.

At this point you have calculated the number of crabs you need each day, and you have also learned about the best sources of complex carbs so that you do not end up storing unwanted fat. There are some great tips though, and this post-workout tip could be of benefit to you, although it sounds different to what you have read already.


Your body uses both stored and usable energy when working high intensity workouts at the gym. The body will then start to eat at your muscle and protein, so more energy can be created. This is something you really want to avoid, and is known as a catabolic effect. If you feel this is already happening, or you want to know how to deal with it when it does, simply build up your simple carbs to produce energy and spike insulin levels. Your body will return to its anabolic state as soon as you can get your insulin levels to spike.


What is the best way to deal with post workout wastage of the muscle?

When you are preparing your post workout meal, add a source of simple carbohydrate. The quicker that the simple carbs boost your energy, the faster your body will stop eating at your proteins to fuel more energy.


Building serious muscle mass is now in your control, as you have learned how to calculate how many carbs you need to consume. You also have information about how to deal with any post workout catabolism, keeping you in an anabolic/growing state. By using this information you will find that your body produces a steady source of energy through the day, including such times that you may be working out. Performing at peak levels in the gym, whilst avoiding any storage of unwanted fats, is now where you will find yourself.

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