Toning Exercises for Women

I have some great toning workout routines for women I would like to share, but before I do that let me fill you in on some really important things beforehand. People seem to think that their attempts to build muscle in targeted areas alone will work. Although this has some truth to it, the fact is that unless you burn the fat surrounding the specific body part, toning workouts are useless. For example, you could do a million crunches a day but until you have decreased your body fat, you will not get the tight six pack abs you are working so hard for. Performing the workout routines properly is not the only thing that you need to focus on. You also have to eat right.

Circuit Training Workout routines:

Circuit training routines with or without weights may very well be the best toning workout for women. If you want to burn fat and build lean muscle at the same time, then circuit training is the only way. Some other benefits of this type of training are:

Exercises from a home office

Time management

Better Metabolic rate

24-48 hour fat burn zone

These types of toning workouts for women can be done from your home in less than 30 minutes. They are some of the most intense workouts and require no equipment. These workouts should be performed 3-4 days per week with at least 1 day of rest in between. You should perform a steady state cardio session either before or afterward, but these are best done without any other physical activity.

Toning Work outs for Ladies

These exercises all consist of 6 bodyweight workouts that will be done back to back with 10-15 seconds of rest in between. After completing all of the routines, take a short two minute rest and begin again.

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These are just a couple of very basic but effective toning workouts for women. As your fitness level increases, feel free to add weights, jump ropes, pull up bars, and other basic equipment. Performing workouts like these 3-4 days per week will allow your body to build muscle while burning fat to give you that toned feminine look without bulking up like a man.

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