Best Cardio to Burn Fat

For years now there have been numerous debates about what may be the best cardio to burn fat without losing muscle. Many are behind the theory that steady state cardio puts your body in a “fat burning zone”, making it more beneficial when trying to achieve visible six pack abs. Arguably, it might even be proposed that by simply burning more calories is the easiest way to burn fat. The first theory argues that high intensity cardio will cause muscle wastage. Theory two simply suggests that any method of cardio works, some just happen to work faster and have a few added benefits. I personally would have to side with the second theory based on my own observations as well as my client's input.

In my opinion, high intensity interval training and circuit training routines are the best way to burn fat. Think about it. It is far better to push your body to the limit for 15-20 minutes at a higher intense level than it is to take a stroll on a treadmill for an hour just to burn the same amount of calories. Not to mention, the high intensity training will help you build muscle as well as help you produce more of the number one muscle building hormone, testosterone. A lot of people do not realize that circuit training can be performed with no equipment almost anywhere. Here are a list of pros and cons I have put together in order for you to make a better more well informed decision on whether or not this is the best cardio to burn fat.

Looking at the pros and cons of high intensity interval training, it is easy to see why I suggest that this is the best cardio to burn fat without losing muscle. Whether you are on a tight schedule and don’t always have to time to make it to the gym or are just simply looking to increase muscle mass while burning fat without spending hours on some boring machine, bodyweight cardio is the way to go.

Seriously, does Customary Cardio exercise Lose Fat?

I would be lying if I told you “No”. As mentioned, physical activities will burn fat, but some methods produce a higher rate of fat burn than others. Consider your current physical state and decide if HIT training is right for you at this point. If not, you can always start with traditional cardio training. If this is the case, then starting on a treadmill and slowly increasing your intensity over a period of time is a good way to start

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