Build Bigger Calves Fast

Some of us have been blessed with great genetics that allow us to either achieve bigger calves fast or keep great looking calves with no work at all, but a lot of us like myself have been cursed with “chicken leg syndrome”. Ever since I was young, I have been skinny, but even now, after putting on forty pounds of sheer muscle, my legs still look small. Now that I know how to build bigger calves faster, things have changed. With a few simple steps, you can guarantee yourself great looking calves in a short period of time regardless of your genetics. Think about it, the real reason most people do not have huge calves is that they simply do not work them. Your arms probably get more attention than your calves even though you do work them. “Ok Alain, so how do I build bigger calves fast?” Well, step one is simple; the first thing you want to do when you walk in the gym is go straight to the calf raise machine. Training calves can get a little boring for most of us, so I suggest we target them while we are still fresh and loaded with energy.


The beauty of it is, they are small muscles so you can work them hard enough while still having energy for the workout you came to perform. If you feel like after your workout you will still have enough energy to go over and perform calf exercises, then by all means save them for after instead. As long as you give your calves two days of rest between workouts, you should be able to work them three times per week. Calves are made of muscles referred to as inner, outer and medial which means you can work them from three different angles. Although decent claves can be built by simply targeting the medial head, targeting every angle will increase size and strength in half the time. Now you understand how to build bigger calves, now it is time to learn how to do this quickly. Remembering that the last two reps are the most important is what you need to bear in mind now. Stopping before you have fatigued the muscle and broken through that threshold will make it inevitable that you plateau. Although those last few reps can cause an incredible burn in the calves causing most people to stop there, it is very important that you push your calves and fight through 2 reps during that burning sensation. If you wanted to know how to build bigger calves fast, there you have it. Only by working the calves three times per week from all angles and getting those last two reps in will you see great increases. Once you can put these three steps to use, you can expect great results faster than you ever thought. Remember, the problem was not that we weren’t working hard enough to achieve this goal, but simply that we went about it the wrong way.

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