Caloric Intake for Men

When Building Muscle, Why are Calories Important?


Everything we each day ends up being the source from which our muscles are created. Contrary to popular belief, working out at the gym is not how you build bigger muscles, everything that happens outside of the gym to prepare them to grow bigger and stronger depends upon lifting heavy weights which break down the muscle. Nutrition is extremely important and the body needs things like protein, amino acids, good fats and carbs. This is what the body uses to build the muscles after working out. Your daily calorie count and knowing what goes into the calories is important because not keeping control over these will in essence turn all the hard work you do into nothing as muscle growth or sustainability may be reversed. Our body uses stored energy to assist in the workouts that we perform. When you exhaust energy during workouts, the body will try to use muscle first to replace that lost energy. The longer you go without the proper nutrients, the more muscle will be sacrificed.


 Daily Caloric Intake for Men (Hardgainers)


Arriving at how many calories you need day to day can only be calculated based off of your daily level of activity. You are considered stationary if you sit at a desk all day. Playing some sort of sport a few times per week would classify you as average. If you have a job where you are on the go all of the time and you play sports as well, you are considered to be very active.


Stationary - Your Body Weight (x) 20


Average - Your Body Weight (x) 22


Very Active - Your Body Weight (x)24


The following formulas revolve around working out in the gym 3-4 days per week and the activity level mentioned above. If you have a naturally high metabolism and also have a hard time putting on muscle weight, then this formula is right for you.


Once you have arrived at a calorie total forte day, that number will be broken down into the different types of calories that make that total up. This will ensure that the food you take in will contain the correct amount of carbohydrates, good fats and proteins. Fat weight can be gained instead of muscle weight if these numbers are not followed properly.


Carbohydrates - Forty-five percent of one's daily caloric intake for men


Protein - Forty percent of one's daily calorie consumption


Fats - Fifteen Percent of one's daily calorie consumption


You might think this amount of calories is easy to obtain and you would be correct if all you ate was junk food. When building muscle mass, these numbers should be handled in the strictest sense so that your body is able to add muscle tissue and not fat. More detailed information about the food you consume and the proper amounts can be found in this guide. If you stick with the plan in the guide, you will have noticeable gains in muscle weight in almost no time at all.



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