Circuit Training Routines for Abs

Let’s be honest, being muscular is nothing if you don’t have defined abs.  Through exercise and training, you will not only get lean, but you will be able to obtain the six pack you desire as well as enhance the overall appearance of your muscle size. That’s right, the leaner you are, the larger your muscles will appear.  Your abs will not be visible, even if you do a thousand crunches a day, unless you get your body fat down to single numbers. Everyday people all have muscles, but because of the layer of fat covering them many times they are not visible, especially if they do not exercise them enough.  Make sense?  On that note, here are a few tips on getting lean for more defined abs and overall muscle appearance.


Cut sugars, carbs, white flour, and dairy out of your diet as much as possible for a proper diet.  Cutting these things out of your daily diet will help you avoid the bloating or “thick skin” look that can occur from eating these foods. Natural fats, clean proteins, and complex carbohydrates should be the basics for your new clean diet.


You will burn fat more easily and efficiently on this clean diet, so, add in a fat burning activity.  The goal when burning fat is simply to burn calories.  The old wives’ tail of a secret heart rate to magically burn up fat is something that need to be put to rest. Here are some options, as you have many choices for your fat burning activity, and can choose the one that works for you.


Traditional cardio is a fat burning activity that involves your standard treadmill jogging or walking. Typically this approach is effective for getting lean when performed for at least 45 minutes to an hour.  I would recommend 30 minutes if you have a strenuous traditional cardio routine in mind.


Circuit Training Routines: This technique is a little more intense and is usually performed for about half the time of traditional cardio. For best results in your attempts of getting lean, I recommend performing 15 to 20 minutes of circuit training at a time. After an intense workout, you should not jump into circuit training, unlike with your more traditional cardio routine. Here is a link to some great circuit training routines you can follow.

You should consider breaking your meals into 6 small meals each day in order to keep your metabolism pumping. Eating every 2.5 to 3 hours will keep your metabolism working and eventually turn your body into a fat burning machine. You will get proper nutrition by fueling your body this way and it will help you retain your muscle mass as well as help you in getting lean, fast. 

A few more advanced tips to getting lean:
First, in order to avoid water retention, is to drink about one gallon of water per day.
Another idea in getting lean, is to perform your cardio routine in the morning while your stomach is empty.
Get the majority of your carbohydrates from vegetables.

For those of you who feel that lean is in and bulky is out, follow these few simple steps for a more ripped “fitness model” look. The real challenge is going to lie in staying lean, not so much as getting lean. You will only be causing yourself a set back if you do not develop a consistent routine, as this will be the key to your success with any fitness goal.


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